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Fraugster is a German-Israeli payment security company that helps e-commerce businesses to minimize fraud and maximize revenue.

Fraugster is an AI-based risk management platform that helps e-commerce businesses to minimize fraud and maximize revenue.

Conceptual Brand identity, Logo design, Creative direction and Packaging design inspired by a legendary sacred ancient pagan site at Alboinplatz in Berlin, known as Blanke Helle, or "Hel's Pond" (Hels-Pfuhl). The name goes back to the goddess Hel, who in Germanic mythology ruled over the domain of the same name. According to the myth the pond once formed the entrance to the realm of the dead. Little is known of this pagan myth in Berlin, the idea of the brand was to raise awareness of it. I plan to create a VR/AR video to tell the full story. I took used the shape of the actual Hels Pond as the background for the logo

Goodme launched in March 2015, with a focus on 100% natural premium superfood and well-being products. I along with the senior designer created all the printed packaging for the products and the visual onscreen marketing materials for the websites including newsletters, social media assets and website pages.

Illicit Tea is going against the rules to shake-up the safe, cosy and bland tea establishment. I created the brand identity and logo which was influenced by the 30° knife blade. I then developed the brand using Instagram to create online engagement campaigns and stickers for offline engagement. 

Keto Kelt is a Brand I build myself, I created the Identity and the strategy after finding a lot of benefits from being on the Modified Ketogenic diet, I felt there was space within the field for clean clear easy to follow, accurate recipes which I created and enjoyed myself. 

•  Brand identity & Strategy 

I created the ‘Begrime’ clubnight from my passion for music. In particular ‘Grime’ music. I created the visual style to reflect the definition of ‘Begrime’, ‘to make dirty with grime’ I created a  dystopian version of the venue where the night was held for the artwork. 

•  Company Creation

•  Creative Direction

•  Art Direction

•  Logo creation

•  Brand Identity & development

•  Flyer & Poster design

•  Marketing Campaigns

•  Social Media Marketing Materials

•  Photography & Photo editing

•  Digital Art

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